2022 Kids BJJ camp: pay online!

Join us for another fun summer camp!

1) The dates available are as follows (choose any/all weeks that you prefer):

June 6th to 10th at Riverton location
June 13th to 17th at Murray location

2) Times will be 8:50am to 1pm, Monday to Friday.

3) Anyone can attend, not just gym members. Ages 6 to 14.

4) Pricing:

1 kid:
1 week = $169, pay until May 18 =$150
2 weeks = $300, pay until May 18 =$275

2 kids:
1 week =$300
2 weeks =$565

Note: We must have a minimum of 10 kids for camp to go ahead, so tell your friends!

5) Our schedule will vary day to day but will include Gi and Nogi training, fun exercise and fitness activities, competition training and free pizza on Fridays!

You can pay now online for the Murray week or the Riverton week (or BOTH!):

Pay for the Murray week
Pay for the Riverton week